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I think I want to declare 2020 the year of “Doing Your Thing.” What ever that means to you is what it shall mean.

Only 16 days in and I’m already tired of people. I’m not sure if it’s a personality or a star sign thing *rolls eyes* but I am a bit indecisive. It doesn’t matter how much research I do on my own or how confident I am with myself, I suck at making decisions. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is – I HAVE to seek a second opinion. But going forward? Not I said, the cat.

What I’ve learned though is that you should just stick with your own decisions. Go with your gut. If you’ve researched something through great lengths and you feel confident with your self-obtained knowledge… take the leap! Worst case scenario, you’re wrong. At least if YOU’RE wrong, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Reality is, if you get shit advice it will manifest into the only thing it possibly can – a shit situation. Even financial advisers are protected by disclaimers the bank sends out. [“Yeah, we’ll give you advice but at the end of the day if you lose all your money, we are not to blame.”] Something pretty close to that anyway.

Bottom line – do what you have to do for you. Do your research. Be confident. Trust yourself.

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