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What an actual blessing from all the Deities that exist Google is.

You can literally look ANYTHING up on google and find an answer. I had to google… “who invented Google” before I started writing this actually, haha. The answer is here, btw.

Anyways, I came to this amazing conclusion about Google because my brain switches its thought process at about 90 thoughts a minute. It’s just this chain of – tangent-tangent-tangent – and I think that’s why I have to nap so often. Hm.

I’ve been trying to get into that show Riverdale because of Vanessa Morgan. I saw how her boyfriend (now husband), who plays for the White Sox, proposed to her, and I thought to myself, “wow, obviously this girl is amazing. I mean, just look at that well put together proposal he did for her. I must support her and all her endeavors.” *insert logic*

So, me attempting to stay focused and watch Riverdale *tangent-tangent-tangent* made me think of how rules get officially established in a Dom/Sub relationship, which led to me to learn all about Dom/Sub legal…ish…(?) contracts.

Aaaaand to come full circle, thank you, Google. I could’ve never learned that without you.

I actually might’ve learned it if I watched 50 Shades of Grey, but I would never subject myself to such… yeah, just- no thanks.

The whole BDSM thing sounds cute [read: appealing] though.

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