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Sometimes I feel as though I am losing my mind. On one hand I feel as though thinking all the time is completely normal. Everyone constantly has thoughts. We are beings who continuously contemplate things. It doesn’t seem “normal” to not have a thought in your head at a given time. I just feel as if there is no organization in my head – too many tabs open at all times. As I wrote about in another post, my brain runs on tangents. It worries me a bit, but then I tell myself at least its only my thoughts and my voice I hear up there. Its like my mom says, “sure I talk to myself but I don’t get any answers” so that’s, uh, reassuring(?). I guess I could get checked for some sort of attention disorder, but I figure it would be more trouble than its worth. My constant overthinking could be anxiety related. I would tell anyone else to seek a therapist, but that’s mostly because I’m in that line of work. *Not to say I don’t find therapy to be effective* I may take up smoking again, then go from there. I’ll keep ya posted.

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