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So the last time I posted anything on here was March 5th, 2020. My post was about this insane virus that is going around. I, like most of us, only knew what the news reported and followed their very basic suggestions (wash your hands and clean surfaces, frequently). 3 weeks later and wtf….

After watching the devestation that has taken place in Italy, I’m reading up as much as I can and only listening to the experts. Social distancing is important. So although I am a relatively healthy 26 year old who has no underlying health conditions… IIIIIII will be keeping my ass inside. God forbid I have this thing, show zero symptoms, and end up giving it to my mom and/or grandmother and kill em.

SO as shitty as not going outside and getting drunk is… I’ll be playing my part and I hope you all do too.

Love ya so much. Stay safe.

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