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Hello, all!
I am back again to rant about random things going on in my life. Now, I can be honest… I am very selfish. A part of me wonders and worries if this trait will ever go away. While another part of me says, “eh, you’re still in your 20’s.”
I cannot stand having to quell another person’s insecurities. Especially if I feel they are completely unwarranted.

Why ask if you’re bothering me when you call me? I always answer right away, and I’ve told you a million times to call whenever it’s not a bother.

Why ask if I feel forced to hang out when I always agree to meet, I always give you my full schedule for the day and potentially for the week, and I’ve told you a million times that if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t.

It’s annoying because I feel as though my words always back my actions. Isn’t that the desire? Isn’t this what people want?

I’m aware of how obnoxious I sound right now, I swear, I am. I understand dating and getting to know someone is difficult, and we all get anxious and sometimes insecure. I do feel as though this would be less of a problem if everyone was honest with each other and stopped leading people on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being in a relationship. Well, I love the comfort and familiarity that comes with being in a relationship. I cry when a relationship ends, but I’m pretty sure I cry as hard as I do because I’ll have to start over to get to the point I desire the most. I just wish things were smoother getting to that point though.

Sorry for the rant. Working and going to school full-time is already frustrating. Now add trying to navigate a new relationship on top of that. Needed a little de-stressor.

Stay safe, kids.

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