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Welcome to My Life Blog

Be Careful What You Wish For

HelloooooooI know it has been a while since my last post, but grad school is still very much kicking my ass, haha. I was working from home, which was great because I got to focus more on school. It wasn’t until I started working from home that I realized how much time out of my…


Hello, all!I am back again to rant about random things going on in my life. Now, I can be honest… I am very selfish. A part of me wonders and worries if this trait will ever go away. While another part of me says, “eh, you’re still in your 20’s.”I cannot stand having to quell…

Give me a break

I feel as though every time I finally have the time [energy] to check in, it’s because I am about to complain about something lol. BUT, that is kind of why I made this blog, to blow off steam and get things off of my mind. I am so backed up between work and school,…

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