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I turned 26 last year and ever since I have been *so* bored. Is this normal?

I’ll start consider doing my regular weekend activities (brunches, club, after-party, after-after-party, etc.) and then I stop and question if I’m not too old to be doing these things? I wanted to take a step back from the party life because I’m beginning my career and all the party life brings is: meaningless sexual encounters, drugs, and alcohol. Which now that I say it out loud, doesn’t sound too bad… A waste of time and energy, but not terrible.

All that “hanging out” can be so tedious though. I may be experiencing anhedonia, actually (?) If it was contagious I’d say I for sure caught it from a client but fortunately it’s not- as long as you don’t believe in energy exchanges or whatever.

My best friend suggested I try out a hobby, so I gave it some thought. Right now I’m stuck between joining a faux cult (all the cult themes minus the suicide) and having a kid. She shot both of those ideas down so I’m back to square one.

Well if anyone has any ideas, let me know…

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