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Give me a break

I feel as though every time I finally have the time [energy] to check in, it’s because I am about to complain about something lol. BUT, that is kind of why I made this blog, to blow off steam and get things off of my mind.

I am so backed up between work and school, but I found some time to myself today and decided to go on twitter. One thing I NEVER do is make a direct comment on a tweet because it opens the door for strangers to respond to your comment. It would be all good but behind screens people show A LOT of energy that they would never would if in person.

I made some comment about police officers in schools not serving their purpose so why not remove them? Again, they’re not serving their intended purpose – to stop school shooters, so why have them in the schools? Oh goodness I opened Pandora’s Box. Oh well, everything I said could be supported by research. Well, research says there’s nothing to show that they have helped anyway. I think we should be real careful to the things we subject children to… even if I don’t like the little sh*ts much lol

Ya don’t have to be pro- or anti- cop to go with the facts of a situation. Well, some do feel as though you have to “pick aside,” but good Lord.

So, everyone take a chill pill and try to stay alive. Ms. Rona’s still lurking.

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